Just Survive: Sandbox Survival App Reviews

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This game is terrible don’t get it

This game is terrible don’t get if you’re thinking its good cause it’s not.

Just survive

The game is fun but normally when you attack you get an ad.

Too many ads

More than two commercials in a minute. am I here to play ads?

Potential is there

Showed potential but the ads are to frequent and the fact that it doesn’t pause the game while they were playing was frustrating. Especially when in a conflict. The games core concepts were really solid. But the land scape could use more detail. A little more love, and this game could be really good.

Not that good

Was looking for a walk around craft and build game but this was ok at that but good point were very quickly lost when the ads started every 90 seconds or so an ad will pop up and not even a banner a full screen ad doesn’t matter what you are doing in the game hunting fighting bam ad pops up.


Way to many ads and when you in the middle of doing something there is an ad don’t play it

Just survive

The worst game ever I seen better games then this this game is just stupid you have ads messing you up when your running this is the most stupidest game ever 👎🏽

I don’t even know how to play

I just downloaded the game and it didn’t even show me how to do anything. So please add a help feature.


When I first started up the game, I thought, “Hey, this might be a good game.”, but that was quickly thrown out the window when I encountered several glitches and ads that don’t pause your game when they start playing which gets me killed, ALL OF THE TIME! All in all, just don’t download, please, don’t.

Too many ads

The game is overall fairly fun once you get the hang of the controls, crafting, dealing with hunger and thirst rapidly running out, etc. Although, the popup ads every minute get extremely annoying and make the game very frustrating as the game continues while the ads are playing, making you die occasionally for no reason. Fix this issue, and you’ll find your ratings to go up and more people playing this.

Remove the ridiculous ads

In this game, they need to take off all ads because I can’t even play the game.

Never made it to the game...ads more important

Loaded it, hit play, got an ad served immediately. That unfortunately tells me all I need to know about this game. Pity.


Adds can pop up at the worst moment and can lead to death. It’s pretty annoying.

I love you the Rust Experiemntal


Such a money grabber

Looks at all these ads JUST LOOK ITS SO SAD YOUR THAT MONEY HUNGRY AND DONT GIVE ME THAT “Thank you for review please update your game”how bout giving us a different respond idiot and I see how you say you can’t make a living without and you can’t pay your bills that is such bull crap you just want money

More guns

More guns

Great game needs online multiplayer

I played this for a while now and this needs a multiplayer like rust or vast just an idea great game though

Can’t swap from ax to spear or anything in hot bar

Kind of aggravating..


The game is so horrible with all the adds between I feel like deleting the game but I really love it but the adds mess the game up pls don’t add the adds


One thing you need to do is add a creative mode

Please read crucial information and game changing review

Please do this developer and I will keep playing this game please read carefully. If you wanna have ads then when the ad pops up make it where the game pauses. I keep dying because I’m in a middle of fight and it pops up then when it finally over I’m dead with none of my stuff


It's fun I like building houses but I wish it would save your progress.

I’m having problems with the looting

I’m having huge problems with looting. Every time I try to loot a dead animal or cave man, it gets frozen and have to restart the app

It needs work

I know it’s a new game but you should add some new terrain and materials and there’s a bug where you can get as much stuff as you want because the coins don’t go away

Awesome But few Glitches

It’s An Awesome Game and been playing for a while, but every time I press the pause button, I can’t get out of it. Please Fix this.


I have so many problems with this game granted it concept and idea is good but it doesn’t work I was “fighting” the wolve and yet after hitting it with 3 spears, 2 bows and a revolver it didn’t go down the characters hunger and thirst levels drop faster than the sun light. Fix or don’t even bother!


This is a good game so far I hope u guys look at this and send me something back it would be nice to have like a creative mode and change it back if u want rather than that it’s a really good game keep the updates up

Pls read

I wish there was a pvp where you can play with other people and Fight each other and just survive

Deleted my stuff

It is a good concept but needs improvement and it deleted all my stuff after about an hour


This game is absolutely pointless. The landscape is all the same: non 3D grass with random trees and boulders scattered around on it. The only resources you can collect besides wood and stone come from chests, and the only food is from animals or more chests. To get to a chest you have to fight off the zombies around it, and then the Loot is yours. That’s all the game is. And it repeats. Day after day after day. It’s not even very big, it’s really just a horribly decorated arena surrounded by these high stone walls. This is so utterly mundane I don’t even have anything else to write. 😑 don’t bother with this game.

Game developers

There are way to many ads on this game it’s frustrating to play


Waste of time, crappy game in every aspect. Progression is nonexistent, awful weapon creation, crafting for housing is all screwed, aiming could miss a fat girl in a buffet line, glitchy as hell, and FULL of adds.

Mad Potential

Unplayable the way it is, sorry. Need a water source and to fix bugs. Big time. Good luck fixing your game, you’re on the right track.

Was good for a day

Played for a while when i first downloaded it, collected some stuff, built a little house. First off the building controls kind of sucked, can’t tell you how many times i wasted material on foundation and not be able to put walls up. Then i log in this morning and all the work i did was gone, all i had was what was on my person, and my bed just floating in the sky. Shortly after i realize this, i start to go out looking for supplies and was killed and lost everything because an ad popped up and theres no way to remove them. Id be willing to pay to remove ads if I didn’t have to deal with that crap every 30 sec. but if theres no point in building a house a thriving in this “sand box” then i am uninstalling.

Just Survive

Couldn’t even open a door without having to destroy it. The constant ads made it so the enemy’s always killed me

Good game but aggrevating

Every time something gets done I get a spammy ad that blocks everything and I can hardly skip!

Little bit to hard

The things guarding the crates take to many hits

Just Survive

Now this game has good potential but the developers executed it WAY to poorly. The building system is EXTREMELY wonky sometimes I’ll be trying to put something down and if i start moving while I’m trying to place something down the entire thing just disappears and i have to go back into the building menu and select the wall or floor or foundation again. Now that’s just one of MANY problems. There’s the combat which is way to easy most times they don’t even get alerted to your presence and you can continually throw spears or shoot at them and they won’t even recognize you until you get close even then they’re easy to kill you just move backwards and keep throwing or shooting stuff at them. The map is really small. Spears break way to quick which makes me constantly have to either find more or make more. It’s to easy to get items. There’s too little enemies and barely ANY danger. I would love to maybe see a story in there? The game reminds me of The Forest and this could be a good mobile game that resembles The Forest. And one more thing i am playing on an iPad and the crafting and equipment screens move off of the screen a bit and it is so uncomfortable every time i see it. Also THE ADS first part about the ads is that there are WAY to many of them, and the second thing is that whenever the game loads an ad there’s a chance your fighting something right? Whats SO MUCH WORSE is that when a ad pops up and your fighting something the game doesn’t pause...no it keeps playing...so if your fighting something and you come across an ad you can’t skip your screwed your gonna die no matter what armor you have. It’s so dumb. Please developer make it so that whenever an ad loads it pauses the game COMPLETELY as in nothing in the game moves until the ad is over because I’ve died way to many times not because I’m bad at the game but because the ads made me die whenever they popped up while i was fighting something. That’s the only reason i have EVER died. Whenever you see comments though make sure to just look through the comments and start working on certain things at a time. Don’t just release updates as they come give your players a heads up that a big update is coming and then your players will have something to look forward to. Itll keep people drawn in for a while until your release it

Good Game and good potential (updated)

(Updated)The developer fixed a few things and now this game is just fantastic. This is the only survival game I’d play! I’m going to make a video on it for youtube soon! The mechanics are perfect and there are no flaws! (Old) I honestly love this game it’s fun you get to adventure and craft all the stuff that you want to but the problem is that buildings that you place when broken reappear when you reenter the game also the chest doesn’t hold items it’ll delete them. This game would be awesome if there were stone walls and etc. I hope new things will be added to the game like suppressors and scopes. Multiplayer would be cool too. Oh one last thing the building parts don’t place sometimes even though there is room. This glitch bothers me a little. Thanks for the time I appreciate your games you make they are all fun have a goooood daytyya.


Just a ripoff of ark survival Evolved

Waaaaaaaayyyy too many ads

Game has promise, but couldn’t get 10 seconds of gameplay between Final Fantasy advertisements. I uninstalled after playing for 5 minutes...

Textures are good

I really want to like this game but the endless ad pop ups make it an exercise in frustration. I’d be more than happy to pay for the experience without the ads. The texture mapping is well done. Love the cliff faces. I’ll look back at a future date when it’s had a chance to mature a bit.


I can’t even open the doooorrr!!!!!

Great Potential

This game can be the next rust mobile PLEASE ADD MULTIPLAYER THIS GAME IS SO GOOD

Good game bad add timing

I like he game so far, but will probably delete it. The adds pop up too often (right after starting/ restarting game). Several of the final fantasy adds are so poorly written after the add ends you can’t close them to get back to the game and it really just makes it almost impossible to play.


Fix the building it keeps disappearing and lower the ads I get 10 ads in 10 mins cmon you would have the best survival game out there if you fixed those two things other than that it’s a great game

Good game so far...

This game has potential to be a really good game like rust. There’s just some problems with it. 1. Building: moving around a bit to place the wall or foundation etc even items, they disappear and you have to exit out from the blueprint and open it again. 2. The door... I placed a door and I tried to open it only to find out I’m locked out of the house forever... besides that this is a good game so far. Since it’s still in development I believe. 👍

Great Game, several bugs

I started playing this game a few months ago, before the 1.2 update, where building could be done out of the normal inventory. I loved the game. I built multiple outposts and did very well. There were a few instances where I had to start over, or restart the app. Other than that it was fun. I just came back today to see the new update, and I am impressed, though there are more bugs. Can you add a ‘rotate’ button to the building act? Thanks for a great game!

Good game

Like the game but it don’t save nothing that you build wen you exit the game (needs more building) and online play 👌🏻

A decent game.

Has a long way to go in terms of development, but overall somewhat enjoyable. One con is that ads pop up very frequently in game, caused me to run into a camp with zombies and caused my death a few times. Annoying af.

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