Just Survive: Sandbox Survival App Reviews

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I like this game

I feel like there’s bugs that need to be taken care of like not getting the ten coin for watching the videos but it’s a good game helps me kill time

Needs fixes

If you want to compete with other games, there are some changes that need to be made. First, it needs some vegetation, like berries and grass, berries can can give 1-5 points of thirst, and 3-5 points of hunger. There should be an option for how much grass there is, in case people devices can’t handle it. The building needs to be fixed as well, sometimes I can’t build sometimes when I should, it won’t let me build two walls high. There needs to be a different texture for leather armor; just a few changes. All animals need t have higher health, there’s no need for a gun when you have a spear that kills in 2 hits. And it says island, but there are just walls around the map. Maybe remove the walls and add some water around it. And add some sharks and boats to get from maybe one island to another. Just steal some water textures if you want. These changes will definitely bring new players in.

Good idea. Bad way to start.

I thought this game would be a generic survival game but then I saw how capable it is in the building section. It’s really interesting to build but every SINGLE time I save and put stuff in my storage crates or whatever they’re called, everything gets deleted by the next time I play. That’s all I have to say. If you’re a new player and you want to have a fresh start every time you play then that’s your choice to play this.


This game is just kill 2 zombies and collect thing to build and wear but very simple. But when playing for 2 days collecting thing to build and my box is empty so put more in and to see how this game is just crap I lost it again the only reason I tried this game to get dealing for 7 days to die but this is for kids 5and up to 10 if even that.

Great game so far!

This game has so much potential. I’m addicted to it even though there’s really not much to do after like 30 minutes of playing. The crafting, hunger, and building systems are great! Hope to see more things to do in the future. I would def pay a dollar or two to get rid of the ads...

What a joke

Impossible to start, kills your phone battery, and you always start off from the beginning although it says it saves your game.

Great but needs a bit work

I love the game it’s a more basic version of 7 days and with a building aspect but what it needs is like grass twigs rocks just something to make the landscape seem less bare and they should add a city and more weapons and things like med kits fruits ammo and more items to help so it’s not so bare. So far the problems are that I’ll fall through the map and ads don’t pause the game so a ad could pop up and get you killed

Has potential but still broken

Im with Van Gough, the game is great but the chest deletes it stored items, there no grass and flowers, it lacks a lake/pond, add more house/tavern style and the destroyed wall will reappear when i open the game again

Good game

Its a fun game the bow is a minigun lol but thats good. The map needs a lake or river and the glitches need to be fixed and add more fearures and wepons and tools it is a good game and i think whoever reads this should get the game. Keep it up devs :)

It’s good but it needs work

It’s clear this game is new and the game is a little wonky but you should definitely put more time into this game. I really like the idea you have behind this and I’ve not seen another mobile game like this.

Good game and great potential

I honestly love this game it’s fun you get to adventure and craft all the stuff that you want to but the problem is that buildings that you place when broken reappear when you reenter the game also the chest doesn’t hold items it’ll delete them. This game would be awesome if there were stone walls and etc. I hope new things will be added to the game like suppressors and scopes. Multiplayer would be cool too. Oh one last thing the building parts don’t place sometimes even though there is room. This glitch bothers me a little. Thanks for the time I appreciate your games you make they are all fun have a goooood daytyya.


This game sounds fun, and at first is kind of interesting, but they have no tutorial available so all you do is run around like a crazy person to try and understand how to play. Also, i ran around for about 5 mins and EVERYTHING is the same. There is no creativity. All the same animals, mobs, and landscape.


Take hours to collects wood And then you can’t build a wall or anything. Guy randomly starting loosing health don’t what to do Boring gameplay nothing excited.

Good but needs more content

I started out having fun than it ran out of stuff to do let me Know when there's new stuff

Buy or watch to win

Game pretty much had you pay money or watch videos for coins to let you play

Love it but..

Love the game it’s easy to play and fun but every so often an ad pops up and takes up the entire screen and this is a problem because when it comes up it causes me to die at crucial moments or misplace an object where I don’t want it to be then I have to destroy that object and get material to build a new one because the broken object doesn’t give you anything. Can’t you just have the add always on the screen in the top section where it doesn’t effect the gameplay in such an annoying and inconvenient way? Also when I’m aiming the arrows and Spears and guns the aim isn’t smooth and it skips a lot causing my aim to be off. These are honestly big issues, if you guys could fix this it’d be amazing and I’d give the full 5 stars.

Good but weird

Hello Owner I like the game and can you add mulitplayer and heres bugs when i put my stuff in my chest and i join the game again i was gonna do something then they were gone my extra axes my water my cloth and my bones and my door is blocked with a wall and when i destory it and join the game its back and i cant place some walls and roofs and stuff but when i add a new thing i can add it and last thing the Zombie or humans that are weird take way much health -RATE 100 Hope you Can fix 👍🤗😎😄

Pretty good

So I rlly enjoy this game but I keep getting killed because of the ads while I’m playing. Could you put somewhere else?


Keeps freezing up on iPad and win you die you lose your inventory

Water and respon

Can you plz make lakes and I was playing the game but I ran out of water and I bumped in a canable I look away and I look back and he attacks me and I die and lose my progress

Add these things to make like a rust/ark/forest game

Add multiplayer and base building and servers and make sure the servers save but reset after like a few weeks or month this is a great game but it will gain popularity quick with these additions:)




It's a good time waster


I would like to see multiplayer in this game


I like the game and I like how the creator commented on the reviews


Could use work like more crafting and more guns but its a good game mabye evan local player

This game is good

Fun to make bases

Add Multiplayer

Plz add multiplayer it would be so cool if you did 👌

Good for a mobile game

This is really cool compared to most survival games on mobile devices! The controls should be remodeled and aiming should be easier and less sensitive. That’s all!


It's a pretty fun and mad entertaining just play it while your in the sky if you know what I mean. All they do to do is keep expanding on the game and make the update worth while. Also the game graphics and the ad system needs to fixed I'd rather buy it for .99 rather then another add come up. Overall entertaining game.

Would rate 5

But there's too many ads


Just pre alpha rust


I like it so far, it has potential. It reminds me so much of rust too.


Cool game.


Best game

Ok not great

It's ok little clunky run out of water too fast



It fun and easy needs multiplayer

It needs multiplayer but it's fun asf

Good but one thing

I can’t figure out how to eat and drink

Is Awesome

Is very awesome

Good game

Good game

It's Okay

I've been playing for a little bit and it's okay

This game has the potential to be the best game on the market!

This would be an incredible game if there was a few new thing in the updates. Ive gotten really far on it. I feel it just needs a lake, more weapons, craftable items like I water purification system maybe add a mode where you can save your game play and online multi-player, more areas on the map/different landscape it got pretty repetitive. But it's still very entertaining. Aim assist would be helpful also. This game is on the road to being perfect 🔥




It is a really nice game kinda like rust


Only a few almost unnoticed bugs


The graphics are pretty bad but the game itself is ok

It's good

Really good job


Great game



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