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Good game

Good game

It's Okay

I've been playing for a little bit and it's okay

This game has the potential to be the best game on the market!

This would be an incredible game if there was a few new thing in the updates. Ive gotten really far on it. I feel it just needs a lake, more weapons, craftable items like I water purification system maybe add a mode where you can save your game play and online multi-player, more areas on the map/different landscape it got pretty repetitive. But it's still very entertaining. Aim assist would be helpful also. This game is on the road to being perfect 🔥




It is a really nice game kinda like rust


Only a few almost unnoticed bugs


The graphics are pretty bad but the game itself is ok

It's good

Really good job


Great game



Needs constant update.

Their still is a problem with the storage chest, like if you put any items into it nothing will be in their later on. Because nothing saves. Please update and fix this and maybe more items or ways to get water

Fun so far

Beta is okay so far. But just so you know the adds that pop up lock the controls to whatever you were doing when the add started, leaving you far from where you were or even possibly dead by the time its over. Ill be keeping this game so long as updates come along. Its fun so far, challenging at first, but interesting enough to keep my trying again and again. Ive got a hut built and Im just waiting for storage chests to work, I want to save my stuff before I die again. Oh, and please add some water sources. I could always save empty bottles and fill them, dont see why thats not something in game.

It’s a good game

It’s good but I got killed by my door,I can’t find my house ever(add map plz), the sleeping bags don’t work. But I like it and will continue to play it.


I was looking for a fun and easy survival game when I came across this. I thought it was simple and fun.


So far so good.

Great game


Just survive

It is so fun. I just don't like the ads

I love this game

I love this game guys!!!!:)😎


Pretty good game, if it was multiplayer it would be super A+ I think that's the only missing aspect for this developing game. I would love to see this advance into more!!

Best survival game

This is one of the best survival games

Alpha Stage Review

Well so far its neat. Kind of like a 7 Days to Die mobile version. Thing is the map isn't very big. No natural water source and currently waiting on the update where my stuff will be saved in storage. Also add a save system as well as a night and day system. The aiming is off as well. Also add a hunger management system. Add a simple guide for a new map. Oh yeah add different map versions. Maybe character customization? Add more trees and maybe some plant life. Give me a few days and I'll think of something else.


Check it out


I love the game it has some kinks but they r minor

Almost like rust

All you need to do is fix the chest and add upgrading

Please tell me

Dude tell me how to open

Great time killer

This game is the best game ever


Pretty fun game took me a sec to get the hang of tho


Great game get it


Cool good sniper actions

Gimme my revolver


It's Good

I need Revolver

Good app


Could be more smooth

The control pads are what I hate because they don’t give you the option to switch to joystick and just more simple controls. Also there are no instructions, nothing to help you learn about the game

Good mechanics

Love the style, just needs graphics.

Good Game

Smooth gameplay and graphics but still has potential to be better

I liked it

It was pretty fun to play. It wasn't glitchy or anything like that



Awesome game

Maybe add like abandoned buildings but the rest is great

Lacking everything

This game could be much better if it was not made it a month. The previous review hit the nail on the head. The game is fun for a few seconds. Many function problems and bugs right off the bat. Cool concept bad execution. I hope this games gets updates I will keep it installed for a little while.


In all honesty I was just looking for a sandbox game that gave me crafting options and let me survive on my own. Something besides the typical Minecraft. At first the game's controls were questionable but I soon figured them out. However, whatever charm this game has is quickly subdued by the fact that it's absolutely barren. The landscape never seems to change, the soundscape is a bit too repetitive, and the crafting options are limited. I would expect something just a little bit more than,"walk around and hit stuff." The weapons are also wonky and the guns are useless. Aiming is a struggle but it's not even fun since every mob you slay usually provides the same material every time you kill it. There's also no day or night cycle...which makes the game even more tedious. The cannibals are easy to kill just as every other thing in this game is. I would also like to point out that there's no lakes in the game which makes the landscape seem even weirder. Water is like the holy grail in this game and since there's no lakes, you're forced to walk around and find cannibal camps and search through their items for bottles of water. I can't even build anything interesting or of use since the crafting system is droll and bland. It's also a bit of a challenge to build with the way the controls are set up. This game is entertaining for about five seconds and that's all. It's nothing special



Multi player pvp would rate 5 Star!

Cool concept. Interested to see where this game goes! 👍🏼


Perfect game

Needs a lot more

Needs to have more cannibals , more more

5 Stars

Great potential

Pretty dope

I like it


To many ads, but I guess this is alpha so yea. But could you please add multiplayer, and make even more craftable things. Also ease up on the op animals cause the food gathering is hard. Thank you

Good game

The melee weapons whenever it swings, I think it should do dmg because it's hard to control the camera and it has to be direct hit to be able to attack. I think they need to buff the bear, and new creatures.




Lo recomiendo al 100.

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