Just Survive: Sandbox Survival App Reviews

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Never was able to play because the ads

I was never even able to play the game because of the ads that keep popping up. Although it looks cool I just have a feeling it’s not even a real game it’s just an app for an ad.

Can you even play this on iPhone x?

This looks like a great game... Except I can literally do nothing but move around and watch my character, kindly equipped with a club and a spear, hold his weapon and do absolutely nothing with it. Can't survive when the buttons don't work, can you?

Some tips

Great game all around, one of my favorite survival games out on mobile today. But I’d 100% recommend less commercials, I understand you’re a business and need income to provide more content, but the commercials are a huge hassle. Especially when you’re attacking cannibals, if a commercial pops up, you could potentially lose all your equipment... I’d suggest maybe using a different method to include ads in the game. Maybe not so often, or give us a short warning before a commercial plays so the user can get to a safe place.

CONSTANT Commercials

The constant ads create an unplayable game. Clearly this isn’t up to the level of ark or even last of days so you can’t expect players to tolerate the endless stream of ads.

Too hard

Too hard to tap literally have to break my screen Plus each time and ad pops up While I’m in a fight

The adds

OH MY GOD. I just got this game and thought it was pretty good but the adds about every 20 sec like I’m trying to kill things and then adds pop up and I end up getting killed. It’s annoying.


Whenever I open containers or board and stuff it won’t let me exit and the very few times it does it freezes my phone and makes me restart it.ps it would be great if you could fix this for me thank you and if you do 👍👍👍👍👍👍 5 stars


When ever I’m doing something in porting an ad comes up and kills me


Every time I hit pause my game breaks




Cant turn off or upgrade the app to get rid of ads. Stupid amount of them


This game is junk none of the controls are working so a wild animal just keeps killing me over and over.


Too much lag and Everytime you touch something there's an ad

I love but..

Good game I ever thought I’d like it but I like games that you can build and store stuff in chest and go attack one problem you lose your inventory when you die

Fix this problem

Why can’t I build a foundation when i have enough resources


I could not equip a spear from my inventory so now I can’t hunt or fight


Still no crafting options besides the building options and every 5 minutes an ad pops up and begins to play while the game is active. I died because of this. As well as the pause button freezes the game.

Some Fixes Needed And Updates

Well The Zombies Are Too Fast And They Are Hard To Fight Fist To Fist Or Melee Weapon And I Cant Equip Other Items I Rate 3 Stars Because Back Then It Used To Work Now This Update Makes It Worse And This Is A Fake H1Z1 Game On IOS With Bad Graphics But I Still Like The Game I Love The Game But Please Fix It Because I Love H1Z1 And I See It On My PC I Like Unturned Half Life And Gmod Zombie Survival On My PC When I Play But Just Fix It Or Maybe H1Z1 Will Come To IOS Thank You Goodbye

Can’t wait to see the finished product

I like the concept and I’m sure you can make this game better, don’t give up on it just make it harder and add a goal


One thing add creative mode to know what to do

This game is broken


Great game ruined by one feature....

Overall I enjoy the game but b/c water is so impossibly hard to come by, I think that thirst should not even be included in the game unless some other means to find it (such as lakes or ponds) are introduced.

Please read before playing

This game is not developed very well. Ads have ruined this game. The ads pop up at the worst times and totally interrupts the gameplay. It is very frustrating and a waste of time. Just go play Rust on PC and be happy.


Terrible game. Can’t even play without stupid ads popping up every 5 minutes. Worthless!!! Don’t ever make another game!!

Too many Ads

This game looked exciting at first but since there’s ads every 3 seconds and no way to get rid of them except to wait to skip, it lost its appeal and became frustrating very quickly. Had it for all of 10 minutes before deleting. Don’t recommend.


Seems it’d be fun if it weren’t for getting ads literally every 30 seconds - 1 minute. Repeatedly dying during ads from AI.

Needs to be fixed

In my opinion I like it but there is some things that need to be fixed like the lag and that’s pretty much all

Dang 😕

Was really hoping for something fun but quickly got salty... can’t build a house due to the fact it has some wack blueprint thing. I had 100+ logs and it said not enough logs. Can’t really do much except go from camp to camp killing cannibals just to find the same loot every time. Hope this game gets better

like he said 5seconds and bam an ad

this game had me excited for 5 seconds till aad popped up with no timer and no cancellation button. those five seconds i tried chopping a tree and it was way unresponsive. had to stand at a very far angle.

This game is terrible don’t get it

This game is terrible don’t get if you’re thinking its good cause it’s not.

Just survive

The game is fun but normally when you attack you get an ad.

Too many ads

More than two commercials in a minute. am I here to play ads?

Potential is there

Showed potential but the ads are to frequent and the fact that it doesn’t pause the game while they were playing was frustrating. Especially when in a conflict. The games core concepts were really solid. But the land scape could use more detail. A little more love, and this game could be really good.

Not that good

Was looking for a walk around craft and build game but this was ok at that but good point were very quickly lost when the ads started every 90 seconds or so an ad will pop up and not even a banner a full screen ad doesn’t matter what you are doing in the game hunting fighting bam ad pops up.


Way to many ads and when you in the middle of doing something there is an ad don’t play it

Just survive

The worst game ever I seen better games then this this game is just stupid you have ads messing you up when your running this is the most stupidest game ever 👎🏽

I don’t even know how to play

I just downloaded the game and it didn’t even show me how to do anything. So please add a help feature.


When I first started up the game, I thought, “Hey, this might be a good game.”, but that was quickly thrown out the window when I encountered several glitches and ads that don’t pause your game when they start playing which gets me killed, ALL OF THE TIME! All in all, just don’t download, please, don’t.

Too many ads

The game is overall fairly fun once you get the hang of the controls, crafting, dealing with hunger and thirst rapidly running out, etc. Although, the popup ads every minute get extremely annoying and make the game very frustrating as the game continues while the ads are playing, making you die occasionally for no reason. Fix this issue, and you’ll find your ratings to go up and more people playing this.

Remove the ridiculous ads

In this game, they need to take off all ads because I can’t even play the game.

Never made it to the game...ads more important

Loaded it, hit play, got an ad served immediately. That unfortunately tells me all I need to know about this game. Pity.


Adds can pop up at the worst moment and can lead to death. It’s pretty annoying.

I love you the Rust Experiemntal


Such a money grabber

Looks at all these ads JUST LOOK ITS SO SAD YOUR THAT MONEY HUNGRY AND DONT GIVE ME THAT “Thank you for review please update your game”how bout giving us a different respond idiot and I see how you say you can’t make a living without and you can’t pay your bills that is such bull crap you just want money

More guns

More guns

Great game needs online multiplayer

I played this for a while now and this needs a multiplayer like rust or vast just an idea great game though

Can’t swap from ax to spear or anything in hot bar

Kind of aggravating..


The game is so horrible with all the adds between I feel like deleting the game but I really love it but the adds mess the game up pls don’t add the adds

Please read crucial information and game changing review

Please do this developer and I will keep playing this game please read carefully. If you wanna have ads then when the ad pops up make it where the game pauses. I keep dying because I’m in a middle of fight and it pops up then when it finally over I’m dead with none of my stuff


It's fun I like building houses but I wish it would save your progress.

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